Baked stuffed squid


I had this back in 2011 in Manila at my sister in law’s house. Tasted so refreshing and light. I made my first one a year a go but the squid was rubbery, I could make loop bracelet out of it. That was when I was very new to cooking.

I tried to make my own version of it. I did not put any salt because Derrick has pre-hypertension.


Ingredients :

Big squid tube (I bought it frozen and already clean)


Bell pepper

Sweet Onion

Fresh Thai basil leaves

Lime juice

Green onion

No salt seasoning


Olive oil

Bamboo skewer



Cut everything into cube size and put in a bowl

Lightly stir fry the onion with olive oil until soft

Mixed everything in a bowl and season it and add the lime juice

Stuffed everything in the squid

Put bamboo skewer to “lock” the tube

Bake in 450F for 15 minutes

Drizzle with lemon juice before served


I still have four tubes left, maybe next time I will grill it and add some Balinese sambal matah to it.






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